Unlock CarRadio

You’re probably familiar with the situation when, after removal from the battery terminals you can not turn on the radio.
The display may not be displayed with words:

CODE -       COD         CODE IN       1000       10 —-
means that the radio is locked and requires a code

WAIT      SAFE       OFF        HOLD
should be put on shit about 1 hour (to just stand included). Then the radio must enter the code request.

SAFE2 also on sucks, but for 2-3 hours

this happens on car FORD.
If you’re lucky (this operation is done only 1 time, that is if it has already done, the second time is not a ride) the three most recent attempt can call with six deduct and include a car and holding on until the 11 code entry. If not, try to reset the special equipment.

means that the unit is exhausted attempts to enter the code, and even if you enter the correct code, radio turns on.
Invariably, attempts to reset the special equipment.

means that the device is attached to the code + immobilizer

means that the device is attached to a specific car, and in the other car will not work.
Some models were untying some unbind not real.

If you have lost your unlock code, you can recover the code serial number, unit or calculate code by dump of memory, read from the chip EEPROM.
So you can try to solve the problem yourself.

To do this on CarBase your model and determine where the code. Then build a simple Programmer, read a memory dump  from YOUR radio and use the Code Calculator

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